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Hi All,

A little about Aminahcc and my interest in the Acid Alkalinity Theory and why I find it's Guidelines good for reaching one's nutritional needs to regain and maintain one's Optimal health.

Having a primary interest throughout life in Nutrition and General Well-being, my research and studies encompass over twenty years of Nutrition as a whole picture. I have had a lifelong love of anatomy, physiology, and biology as well with a personal library extensive of these subjects and many others inclusive of Spirituality and broad range subjects.

Battles with Cancer, MS, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc.I have been exposed to with my family and friends and given the upbringing to validate and question statements, my parents encouraged me and my seven siblings to have inquisitive minds and to find the answers needed before forming an opinion on anything, be it Science, Nutrition, Religion, Anything....

This natural and environmental interest in Nutrition ultimately led me to explore Nursing (but I found I cared too much about my patients and disagreed with the Medical Profession too much regarding Meds and how patients are treated in general by the medical profession) and I settled happily into an Herbal Health Foods Shop. I had to close its doors when my Husband died and find work that would enable me to be a Full-Time Mom and provide needed benefits for my family. This is something I will be returning to once Aaron has finished School and my certification in Nutrition and Herbology are completed.

One will find that I use web sites in citation as it is readily available for copy and paste and easy reference for those online. I am happy to provide additional literature if asked

I believe the pH Miracle contains extremely important information and for myself was a Eureka Type of moment. It filled in many of the blanks regarding nutrition, especially with issues of disease and provides a better balance of one's needed nutrients.

It's important to take the entire picture of nutrition and well-being into view., not just Dr. Young's or any other singular Concept as the end all and be all of good health. One loses sight that everything is built upon the next, granted some are thrown out, but most are building blocks of understanding to the next "Eureka".

Being informed, being in balance, being at peace, all create a healthy environment for living, internally as well as externally.

Dr. Young's book "The pH Miracle" is a very good book and its science well founded. Dr. Young covers wider issues as well regarding overall well-being with exercise and spirituality. All important in improving one's lifestyle. There are many sources one can use to read and learn about the theory.

On the personal side:

Usually my saliva and urine are between 7 and 7.5. I'm 43 years old, 5' 5", 115 pounds, 96/64 Blood pressure, 100 sugar, etc.....Usually quite "healthy" and energetic.

I, personally first became interested in pH in June when for unknown reasons at that time I was suffering from headaches. I did a Candida Cleanse, colon, and blood and in the research I "stumbled" upon pH. And, Yes, at that time it was a low 6 or lower! In the course of the summer, I successfully brought it back up and the headaches had disappeared by middle of July.

In hind site, I remembered I had taken the current Influenza "Anti-Body" when my son contracted the Flu late March, and this is what I believed put my body "out of wack" in June. The Antibody killed the good flora in my intestines, promoting an unhealthy environment which encourage Candida growth, but June it showed up as a mysterious allergy to my Air Conditioning Unit (I use top of the line filters). Acidic environments cause more than Cancers, little things like allergies are related to pH.

When school started back up, I'm a School bus driver, I caught the Cold that was running around. I hadn't done a pH test in awhile, and sure enough, it was back down to a 6 range (but not as bad as in June). My son's ( Age 9, who was sick for the FIRST and only time to date was last year with the flu) was between 7 and 7.5, a nice blue reading. He never gets sick and did not catch that rampant Cold.

I realized the primary difference in diet was my coffee consumption, I had fallen back to Two Pots (I get up at 4:30 am). Sooo, I got it back to the one a day I had been drinking over the summer. But my pH still had a hard time maintaining the 7 consistently.

So, now, I signed up for the Forum's program to get my 7.5 back consistently. It was very nice to discover a quick and easy alkalizing water remedy that did not require me to purchase additional supplements. It's important to me that I can can grow and/or easily get common items at the local grocery store.

A Good Diet for Health needs to be people friendly, obtainable and cost effective. I LOVE Milk.... if it weren't for the fact a Cow has to be milked twice a day, I would have gotten one, I'm looking at getting a Goat. It's a shame organic milk is sooo expensive and most "health foods" are. But that's another subject altogether.

I am a gardener, I have my 30' X 8' hall converted into a greenhouse for my tropical herbs, and have 5 dogs, 6 cats, 30ish chickens, 3 Geese and four ducks, Gold fish pond and want a Goat (but would love a horse, but life just keeps getting busy, lol) :-)

I am interested in Natural Health... supplements are ok, but I feel it's there in nature and look for natural healing methods whenever possible. I love research and passing on information as I find it... there are a LOT of suffering people in this world.

Life is good. When it's not... my favorite quote from a good friend applies, "Life is tooo long for this nonsense."


Ps. I was a vegetarian for 14 Years, from the age of 14 to 28, and tried the 100% Vegetarian Diet in my early 20s, but as it did not fulfill the desire of obtaining all my nutrition from foods (one has to take B12 supplements and others generally recommended) and even suffered a back injury at that time. I resumed consuming Milk and Eggs, Octo Ovum Vegan. At 28 I resumed eating meat to be more "people friendly" as I love to entertain and found nutrition topics much easier to communicate with die-hard Meat Eaters.

This may seem a "cop-out" to many, but I honestly feel a vital part of a healthy lifestyle is the ability to get along with peers. Also, milk and eggs weren't quite enough in getting all the micro nutrients available in meat. The addition of some meat, 2 to three times a week and in small portions, helped in balancing out the total picture.

The inclusion of the Acid/Alkaline Diet's Program and its science, has filled in the remaining elements. I consider myself a 20/80 Alkavorian and am looking forward to my next job-related full physical. :-)

To put a face with the name :-)