Understanding how to read one's pH Readings

Urine/ Saliva Hydrion Paper Tests, Checked Morning, Noon, and Night for at least a Week...

(A week's worth of readings is needed to fully understand what's happening within the body)
Saliva testing is very transitory, better would be the Urine testing as it shows what the body is eliminating.

Normal/Ideal Reading:

6.5 to 7 am reading with the day's readings climbing, peaking at 7.5

("Normal" Readings show the body is actively and successfully ridding the body of excess acids and is getting what it needs from one's lifestyle. It's considered "Ideal" for most)

"Optimal" Reading:

7 to 7.5 am reading with the day's reading at 7.5

(The "Optimal" reading is usually not achieved for many months and one should not be overly concerned with getting this reading)

The morning reading is the work of the liver and kidneys cleaning up the blood while asleep (why it's important to get a full nights rest so these organs can do their jobs best). The day's reflect what is being consumed along with metabolism.

One wants to work at getting the day's reading to top out at 7.5 to 8 in the evening. This may take several weeks to months. Doing the cleanses will help it along as one is removing the acidifiers in what ever form they are in (parasite, acidifying elements, illness, etc). The following morning will reflect what's been cleaned up from your system. When the morning's reading reaches 6.5 to 7 with the day's at 7.5, one will "know" the body is working well at removing excesses. When it reaches 7.5 consistently (morning, noon, and night) then one is "optimal".

How quickly can I achieve the "normal/ideal" or "optimal" pH reading?

How quickly one can maintain a 7, 7.5 varies for everyone due to their individual lifestyle before the diet and any issues of illnesses. Be patient, one isn't Alkaline until this is achieved for at least a week.

The lemonade Cleanse will help get the ball rolling in removing excess acids, followed by the Colon and Liver Cleanses to further clean these organs out and open any blockages that may be interfering. (note: while doing the Lemonade Cleanse, it is normal to have a reading of 5 to 6 during its duration, reflecting acids being pulled. Don't be alarmed if you pH drops while on the cleanse itself... it's doing what it's designed to do.)

VERY FEW PEOPLE will have the 7, 7.5 in a short time, most take a few weeks to a several months. The body has work to do.

Pay attention to your
readings: morning, midday, and pm.

A 6.5 am with rising day's is what you are shooting for initially. A steady 7, 7.5 is rarer, but can be achieved with patience and understanding there's a lot of work to be done deep within the tissues.

Lower morning with rising day's is a steady sign that acids are being pulled and one is getting the elements needed to be alkaline. Many consider this the optimal state most will achieve. 7 to 7.5 is the target.

On the Other hand...

A HIGH am with declining day's is a sign of extreme deficiency and Illness. The body is more than likely pulling it's alkalizers out of the tissues.

A High morning with declining day is saying the body is NOT getting what it needs to maintain the Blood's pH from foods. It's seeking it out from one's tissue's reserves. Serious Illnesses are associated with this..

A consistent day's reading of the 5's and 6's is suggesting not enough alkalizers being taken in and thus being prone to diseases, especially colds, flus, Candida, etc. and likelihood of contracting more serious illnesses...

Cancer patients often experience the 4's and 5's, and need to work on getting the day's reading to an 8 until it's cleared....

When one is fighting infections, such as with UTI, a High Morning pH with declining day pH can be indicative of the body pulling amonia glutamic acid from the muscle tissues in order to make ammonia which is used to alkalize the blood... the Liver cleans the ammonia from the the blood while one sleeps, causing the High Morning pH levels.... There are also other ways the body compensates, but this is the most commonly reflected "alkalizer" that shows up in urine when one is fighting infections.


For instance, if one gets a 5 reading in the morning, but the day's (afternoon and evening) are rising, one is pulling out acids. What the day's readings reflect is what is needed to understand what's happening within the body.

Ideally, one wants the morning to read 6.5 to 7 with the day's topping off at 7.5, 8 occasionally (unless seriously ill, then the 8 is "good")

Once this is achieved, the readings reflect that you are indeed getting what you need in the diet with acids being pulled while one is sleeping (The liver and kidneys work the hardest at night in cleaning up the blood). In time, it will then start to read a morning reading of 7 to 7.5 with the day's at 7.5, meaning the excess and bad acids (we do need "good" nutritional acids, btw) are out and in balance with one's bases (alkaline nutrients), "Optimal".

What one is interested in accomplishing right now is getting what one needs in the diet to bring the day's readings to peak at 7.5 for effective acid removal while sleeping.

Hope this helps in understanding...

What about Alkalosis?

It's very rare to suffer alkalosis through foods, more common is due to issues of PICA (unusual cravings) such a consuming a box of baking soda in one day... what occurs is muscle twitching, shallow breathing or cessation of breathing, confusion, seizures, and immediate medical attention is required.

When readings get high and a person has had good readings for quite some time, high urine pH usually means it's time to start cutting back the sups used in the AA diet... pH drops, Mineral drops, etc. Have never heard or read a case of alkalosis having come from eating too many vegetables... but with PICA issues, it's a very real phenomenon.

Those starting out often misread a high pH as a good thing, quite the opposite is usual... alkalizers the body pulls to fight acidosis being cleaned up in the urinary functions reflected.

When balanced out and the levels begin to rise above a 7.5 am, it usually indicates it's time to cut the pH drops and such out, monitoring pH daily and keeping its log is vital to understanding where the body is and how to respond.

And it's important that good acid foods are eaten with our good alkalizers... Protein, B vitamins, iron, etc. are all acidic nutrients we need. But to do so in a proper balance, hence the 20 to 30% acidic foods to 70 to 80% alkaline, and the good acids and alkalizers in whole food sources that naturally provide the handshakes these nutrients make with each other for Optimal Health.

Keep in mind:

One is still pulling acids out with a low morning reading, provided that the day's readings are indeed climbing.

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