Natural, Unpolluted, Spring Water is the Best Water to Drink

Unpolluted, Natural Spring Water is the Best water to drink. If one's water is in question, one should have their water tested. This can be done at the Extension Office or the Local Water company can provide sources for these services. One wants to have a complete reading of the water's make-up, not just whether or not it's within "safe" parameters.

University of Cincinnati's link to water quality for many US cities:

A simple Pur or Britta type of Filtering system will remove just about all of the remaining elements harmful yet considered in "safe" amounts. Fluoride by 50% if there's a carbon element in the filter. (We do need some Flouride, plant fluoride being "best"). Ionized water removes the same amount unless one goes to a 9 or above which is not recommended due to the harsh abrasiveness this would have on the digestive system. Most should Filter their water, be it Tap or Bottled (bottled waters can be, and usually are, more polluted than Tap), to remove the "acceptable" amounts of contaminates our governing agencies allow. The Old Fashioned Glass Thermos, the best way to transport good, filtered water.

Any Water Filtration System that is not simply removing contaminants and/or is changing it's natural molecular structure is put into question on it's long term effects on the Human Body. Is the Water Natural and is it good for us?

To read about MANY of the Water filtration and Systems concerns posted by the chemist, Stephen Lower, a retired faculty member of the Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby / Vancouver, Canada, see:

Is this that important? For some, yes, for others we simply want to know whether or not something being purported as being healthy truly is before making an expensive change-over. After all, why shell out the expense of changing over one's water supply with Ionized and Other "Alkaline" systems available if Natural, Unpolluted Spring Water (or good filtered tap brought up to Water's Natural State of 6.8 to 7.2) is actually what the body needs and runs well on with good diet and lifestyle choices?

In re-researching, I'm finding it getting harder and harder to get passed the Advertising in search engines than it was 6 months ago when I looked again into this. They're all slap full of ionized promoters at the search engines, making it ever more difficult for the common layperson to research for his/her self on this.

Many of the Alkaline/Ionized sites have the words,

"One American cancer center showed significant improvements in their cancer therapy by getting 1,000 patients to drink 7 glasses of alkaline water a day. Their research concluded that the alkaline minerals in natural, alkaline water with a pH 7.5 helped to neutralize acidosis and thus helped to prevent cancer..."

None of them state which institute it was or the study's reference. The importance of proper hydration is illustrated in the study (7 cups drunk daily), which is vitally important for proper health. It's important to note that it was Natural water at a 7.5 pH, perhaps boosted with minerals, showing the improvements. They didn't use above an 8 pH, nor does it state it was ionized, but rather "natural". One such site, promoting Athena:

There are also their warnings, "It is best not to drink alkaline water with a pH higher than 9.0. Harsh alkalinity can upset your body’s biochemistry..."

This particular site suggests 9. Also many of the promoters of alkaline water are also suggesting HCL supplements to assist the stomach in protein breakdown and digestion. Proteins need a 2 pH for proper digestion, HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) being the body's mechanism to bring the stomach to the needed 2.0 pH for the breakdown of our foods.

The biochemestry it talks about goes directly to the physiology of our digestive tract. Alkaline theories (such as Dr. Young's and Dr. Whang's) on the stomach itself are in question, especially with known pathology of digestive issues.

"An Introduction To Human Disease: Pathology and Pathophysiology Correlations" by Leonard V Crowley, MD., 2007 goes into great detail on the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of disease, inclusive of the digestive system, and the mechanisms of pH, bicarbonate, protein digestion (which needs a 2 pH stomach balance), etc. Most specifically want to address that the bicarbonate released in the stomach walls is into the MUCUS to protect the linings, it is not to neutralize the HCL and hence the food... it is in the Duodenum that the pH of the chime (predigested foods from the stomach) is first neutralized, then into the small intestines where it's now at a pH of about an 8 for the absorption of the chime's nutrients through the functions of the villi.

The stomach does not, nor was it designed to, absorb nutrients, it prepares the food for absorption.

Easy, 101 on the Digestive system:

"* pH of gastric juice is 2. The low pH of gastric juice:

1. denatures ingested proteins
2. optimum pH for pepsin activity is 2.0
3. at pH 2.0, weak pepsinogen enzymes digest each other to form pepsin

  • The stomach digests only proteins, but not fats and carbohydrates
  • There is basically no absorption in the stomach
  • Acid secretion by parietal cell:..."

Other sites on digestion, there are many:
Kimball's Biology pages, The Digestive System
Michael Gregory Faculty Presentation

Now, if the Liver and Pancreas aren't working correctly (the organs responsible for the release of alkaline Bile and Enzymes) due to disease, blockages, etc., now we have a problem as the chyme isn't being neutralized when it passes into the small intestines, so these organs need attention. Ionized, high Alkaline water doesn't address these organs, it does provide relief, but these organs and their functions are in need of healing and care for true digestive well being.

Alkaline Digestive theories used in promotions of Alkaline water haven't been proven out ("The ideal pH of the stomach should be over 7.2 to do its work properly," Dr. Young's Articles of Health, Aug 7, 2008, for instance) and are actually quite contrary to what and why of digestive physiology. It's the digestive functions and the roles each of the steps taking place that are in question and at this time carry the theory too far. We do need to be able to break down proteins, after all. 2 to 2.5 stomach pH performs this function, not 7.2. It's in the Small Intestines that the majority of our nutrients are absorbed and the above 7.2 pH is needed.

An interesting notation on "Alkalife's" promotion: The first set of numbers show regular water's amount with the second being Alkalife's amounts in mgs per liter:

Typical analysis: mg/L Industry Average Alkalife Alkaline Water

Bicarbonate (aids digestion) 43; 290
Calcium (for strong bones) 5; 60
Magnesium (good for bones) 4; 15.0
Potassium (good for cells) 1.2; 0.8
Chloride (bad for the heart) 15.3; 4.0
Sodium (bad for the heart) 10.8; 9.8
Silica (0); 26.4
pH (6.8 to 7.2); 8.26
Total alkalinity 240

Now, too much bicarbonate has been linked with Alkalosis and h. pylori manifestation, ulcers, etc. They are upping the "normal" amounts found in water by 148%. With proper diet practices we are getting our needed bicarbonate... it's the very byproduct (Ash) of vegetable metabolism, so why up the bicarbonate in our water supply if we are getting what we need naturally with proper diet? The only good reason to add bicarbonate would be to raise tap water to it's natural state of 6.8 to 7.2... But not 8.26 their product offers. That would actually interfere with proper digestion and be contrary to their "aids digestion" statement made.

High pH water will soothe the symptoms of acid reflux and other gastrointestinal ailments, but it doesn't promote healing. It needs noting that Doctors are prescribing antibiotics to offset the side effects (h. pylori) of antacids and alkalizers being used to bring up HCL acidity in our stomachs, but that very HCL is needed for proper digestion and when maintained at it's healthy levels actually prevents h. pylori infestation.

Better to address the diet so the body will heal itself and run as it has been designed to run. It takes some longer to calm symptoms doing it this way (acid reflux and similar ailments) but there are no side effects except that of healing. The first form Alkalizers (such as Bicarbonate of Soda) and drugs used do stop the symptoms, but they don't heal the problem but add to it. Herbal inclusions, on the other hand, help with the symptoms as well as assist actual healing. Proper diet and lifestyle choices keep the body healthy.

The additional notations made on Sodium and Chloride, "bad for the heart" is very misleading... these are indeed needed by the body. It's excess and being out of balance nutritionally that make them "bad for the heart" (sodium and chloride both need potassium in proper balance for instance, and the Potassium values were lowered as well from 1.2 to .08 ).

To understand the Chloride issue, understand that Chloride helps keep the amount of fluid inside and outside of cells in balance. It also helps maintain proper blood volume, blood pressure, and pH of body fluids. Chloride is essential for the proper distribution of carbon dioxide and the maintenance of osmotic pressure in the tissues. It is necessary for the manufacture of glandular hormone secretions. It prevents the building of excessive fat and autointoxication. Chloride regulates the alkali-acid balance in the blood. It works with potassium in a compound form. Potassium chloride is also essential for the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is needed for proper protein digestion. So reducing this below what's found naturally in water isn't necessarily good. We don't need added Chlorine, but we do need chloride in proper natural amounts.

Could do the same on Sodium, the important thing to keep in mind is that Sodium not in balance with Potassium is what's being found now as the contribution to heart disease and other ailments. It's important to note that one can drink too much water and deplete one's sodium balance causing an epileptic type of seizure (and we do have forum members who have suffered this who never had "Epilepsy" or it's symptoms). 2 to 3 quarts daily is usual amount needed for proper hydration.

Now the positive effects being reported are worth merit, but these all can be achieved naturally with diet and lifestyle without the ionized expense or possible side effects. Our vegetables, fruits and herbs have antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that do what Ionized and Alkaline systems purport.

The arguments for Natural Unpolluted Water with it's natural pH being neutral (6.8 to 7.2) suggests this is what the body actually needs with proper diet and lifestyle choices.

To read about the Natural Biology of Water, see:

Water transport across cell walls is mediated by "water channels" through which plain, ordinary water molecules pass in single file. This is the way it's been for billions of years and our consequential evolution. We have to filter water to remove contaminants we as aRace have polluted. If we hadn't abused Planet earth, there would be no need to filter our water.

"In late 2001, the journal Science (v 294, p 2353) published an article that describes in great detail how water molecules pass along the aquaporin channel in a "delicately choreographed dance" in which each molecule is severed from its hydrogen-bonded neighbors as it is handed off to a succession of H-bonding sites on the protein itself. (See summary here.) This should put to death, once and for all, the baseless pseudoscience peddled on the structure-altered water sales sites."
(Summary: )

"Peter Agre of Johns Hopkins University was a co-winner of the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his 1991 discovery of the aquaporin water channel. See this article coauthored by Agre for a more comprehensive discussion of this work and its significance inhuman health." (article itself: )

Structured Water:

"There is a tendency for companies to jump on whatever seems "hot" and add these substances to their products. Most folks are sincere and honest but in some cases what seems beneficial can actually be quite harmful. This is the case with "heavy water", some are adding deuterium oxide or deuterium sulfate to there products based on a misinterpretation of research on its effects on DNA.

"Deuterium is an isotope of Hydrogen. An isotope is any of two or more forms of an element having the same atomic number but with different weights (mass). Hydrogen has 2 isotopes, Deuterium (stable, i.e. non-radioactive)and Tritium (radioactive). Normal water consists of two parts Hydrogen to one part of Oxygen (H20) while Heavy water consists of two parts of deuterium to one part oxygen. Deuterium (2H) is twice as heavy as Hydrogen (1H). When Deuterium is combined with Oxygen we get Heavy Water. There was a bit of a buzz about it's effects on cancer and the effect of same on the telerase of the DNA; followed soon after with "new age" products (including water "conditioners" and m-state) containing heavy water/deuterium oxide coming on the market

"A drink of D20 will taste almost exactly like H20. However, seeds will not sprout in heavy water. When rats are watered with heavy water, they die of thirst although saturated with water. Deuterium oxide and deuterium sulfate, should, in our opinion, be avoided no matter what direction it is claimed to be spinning. The claim to spin molecules to the right or to the left is often used as a sales ploy but is worth questioning--as in common sense--looks good on paper or a website--in a 2 dimensional world. In 3 dimensions it depends on the direction from which you are looking at the molecules. So, for example, at a scattering angle of 45° you may see 70% of the molecules spinning clockwise while at a deflection angle of 60° the bulk of the molecules might be going counterclockwise. If you continue to observe you would find that rotational preferences changes back and forth from clockwise to counterclockwise in a complicated pattern.

"In fact during the ascension process the D2O found naturally in your body, (we all have small amounts particularly in fat deposits), is converted "back" to natural water, H2O, releasing energy. Please read your labels, this is becoming a new age fad; it is a substance to be removed by converting back to healthy water and should certainly not be consumed in any form."

Structured and Ionized Water is not Natural.

To read about MANY of the Water filtration and Systems concerns posted by the chemist, Stephen Lower, a retired faculty member of the Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby / Vancouver, Canada, see:

This particular link above covers many of the systems out there. I would recommend folks to read and explore the links provided in the page before purchasing a new system.

Water has been polluted by man... we need to filter it properly before drinking it. We are the ones responsible for its adulteration. We do not need to, however, change the molecular structure of it. Natural water has served us well for the past 6000 (biblical estimates) to 300,000 (archeology estimates) years in its natural form.